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Starter Kits

Paper Scissors Stone’s Starter Kits have everything needed to jump into successful art making! We believe in using quality materials. Art takes time and we value your time by providing beautiful materials you will love to spend time with. We believe in quality instruction.  Beautiful supplies may go unused if there is little or no instruction enclosed on how to use them.  Each of our wool starter kits contain an actual how-to book, with clear instructions and clear full-color photos, along with all of the top quality supplies you need to recreate the many projects found within. The basics have been gathered together into boxed kits along with the appropriate book to get you going. but we also sell all of the supplies individually. Re-ordering your favorite color of roving or trying out a new how-to book is a breeze. Paper Scissors Stone is proud to be a part of many successful art journey’s since 1996!  
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